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Our highly trained staff, dedicated to customer satisfaction, have made ART the leader in home entertainment and automation in Winnipeg. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, our experienced professionals will help you with wiring, security, audio, video, lighting, and even automated shades. And for those that want it all, we will provide you with the power to control it all at the press of a button.

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Change the look and feel of your life with a custom, automated lighting system. Whether you have a little one at home or don’t want to wake your partner when you get up in the middle of the night, we can help by installing a dim light that guides you safely to your destination. Professional lighting artwork sets the stage for the best viewing. Whether you wake in the night or want to watch your favourite team taking the field. Whether working from home or rocking your early morning work out, we can install lighting automation for optimal lifestyle results.

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Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to deal with Advance Electronics in many facets; as a customer of the store, as an employee on their sales floor, and most recently as a representative for some of their suppliers. From their dynamic ART department to their more customer centric cellular and retail divisions, Advance Electronics continues to surpass my expectations in every aspect. They offer a fantastic selection of top of the line products, employ personable and knowledgeable staff, and have been a pleasure to work with from a business perspective. I especially love that they have been locally owned and operated since inception and continue to maintain that hometown pride with every interaction. I’ve been fortunate to be able to develop a great partnership with this organization and I look forward to many more future dealings.

Trevor Kushnier

Territory Manager • Trends Electronics - Sonance & JVC Projectors • Gentec - Alpine
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As a company that sells best-in-class audio and video products, Trends Electronics believes in creating an amazing customer experience through the finest retailers in the country. Advance aligns perfectly with these goals and we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with them for an amazing 30 years. They are a company with the highest level of integrity, great customer service, and extremely knowledgeable staff. We greatly recommend Advance Electronics as a fantastic company to do business with and look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.

Grant Daoust

CEO/ Founder, Trends Electronics
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Advance Electronics is one of those partners that everyone in our industry wants to be associated with for so many different reasons. One of those reasons is integrity.

Rob Olinyk, the owner of Advance not only has maintained but grew that longstanding integral family culture of doing what’s right for the customer, the staff and the partners they do business with no matter what. Now a days that is very hard to come by.

For us at Staub we see it as a privilege to know Rob and his team and couldn’t be more honoured to have Advance Electronics as a partner.

Bryan Sack

Vice President, Staub Electronics Ltd.
design is in the details that you don't see
behind the sounds

Superior sound design is in the details you don't see. We integrate design and aesthetics seamlessly, with speakers that match your existing decor - whether it be square, round, or completely invisible. Behind the scenes, our experts will optimize your listening experience so your ears are happy, and your space is undisturbed.

taking care of you

With Advance Residential Technology we will help you to design a custom, automated shading system that makes sense for your unique lifestyle. Whether you want privacy to enjoy your morning coffee in your bathrobe or wide open windows so you can gaze at nature passing by, we work with you to achieve your best home experience

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When building a new home, renovating or improving your space, proper wiring is the single most important stage. In fact, as many benefits as there are to going wireless, the same applies to rewiring for all of your home entertainment/automation needs, as well as for current and future upgrades.


Listen to music in any room of the house without having multiple systems. Virtually invisible in-wall/in-ceiling speakers can be installed throughout your home – kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living space – anywhere you want to enjoy music. Wall controls or touch panels in each room control the audio from one simple component - in any location.


From a mini theatre in the family room to a dedicated home theatre with electronic shading, automated lighting and total touch screen control, ART will design a home theatre suited to your decor and budget. Roll credits!


Imagine arriving home to a well-lit driveway. Upon entering the door, with the foyer lights turn on. Temperature is just right; the news is on the TV and music is playing in the bedroom. Virtually every electronic device in the home can be automated. Entertainment, temperature, lighting, or security can be controlled with the touch of a button – even when you’re away from home, you can its functionality.


Use technology to define the ambiance, and energy efficiency of any room. One keypad offers complete control of your lighting without multiple switches. Improve your home’s energy and create an experience simply by adjusting the light – in the middle of a dinner party or the middle of the night. So, go ahead, grab your book and head to bed. You can turn off (or on) any light in the house from one location.


Shading systems from Lutron are the ideal solution for total light control. Its simplified wiring and common communication language allow for easy integration with Lutron and Control4 lighting controls. Wireless shading systems are perfect for retrofit and renovation projects as well are beautiful, scalable, and reliable.


Integrating surveillance and security into your home automation system gives you peace of mind from anywhere in the world. Turn on/off your security and unlock doors remotely for deliveries and visitors. Receive e-mails or texts while you are away in case of intrusion. Have 24/7 video surveillance accessible on any TV, touch screen, or mobile device in the house or from the cottage. Vacation homes are no longer a worry with a fully integrated system.

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Interests, specialties, experience, years with Advance...

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Interests, specialties, experience, years with Advance...

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Interests, specialties, experience, years with Advance...

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Interests, specialties, experience, years with Advance...


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