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doug's experience
i've been an advance electonics customer for a long time...

Our first investment in a quality system was a Definitive Surround Speaker system. That was now 25 years ago, and to this day it still outperforms, tenfold, any other surround system I’ve ever heard. Then some 8 years ago, we had Advance come out to our cottage and install a networking system, TVs, Sonos systems, and power blinds. And that too is simply awesome. And most recently, we bought a fun little sports car for winter life in AZ, and we trailered the car back to Winnipeg specifically for Advance to install a stereo system over this summer. And yet again, Advance outdid themselves with JL high-end products, custom sub-box work, and a DSP - Digital Sound Processor to “make magic happen”; all made to match a period-correct classic look. And all we can say is “Wow”! We are so fortunate to have Advance in Winnipeg. If you are looking for high quality and great service, I couldn't recommend them more. Well done, guys!

george's experience
Last Saturday, I called and spoke to Adam....

...about a situation with my family members who live in Winnipeg when their TV appeared to have suddenly died. They are both in their 80s and were suddenly lost with what they could do when their TV stopped working. They both have health issues that keep them at home, and their TV is an important and vital part of their life.

I immediately called Advance as this was the place we used to buy our electronics when I grew up in Winnipeg. Like Arnold Frieman, my father was also a survivor who came and built a home in Winnipeg. I explained to Adam the situation and the fact that for two people on a limited income, this was a major hit to their finances. He suggested a TV for a very reasonable price and arranged for your two technicians to come to the house to look at it as well as bring a new TV to replace the old one.

The two technicians could not have been nicer, and they told my family members that the TV they had (which they finally got working) was in perfect condition and that they did not need a new one. They took back the TV I purchased on their behalf and only charged me the cost to come to the house to look at the TV.

I want to recognize your team for their exceptional service as well as their kindness and honesty. We live in a world where far too often the elderly and others are taken advantage of when they face a situation like this. They could have easily said that they needed a new TV, and none of us would have questioned that. I really do believe that this experience is not the norm, and had I reached out to another company, I am certain the result would be completely different.

Every company makes claims that they care about the customer, and most often, it's more about caring about making a sale. Advance Electronics proved that they really do. Your team and your company have reminded us that there are still good people in this troubled world. You have a great deal to be proud of with the team that you have. Thanks so much to Adam and the technicians that came to the house. We will all be eternally grateful.

kian's experience
i came here looking for an upgrade...

...from my old record player setup. Honestly, I did a little bit of research but wanted to talk to an expert about it. My manager recommended Advance Electronics to me. I gave them a call and spoke with Gerald Fast, and not once did he make me feel uncomfortable or forced into anything. He gave me multiple different options and told me to talk it over with my father. The amount of respect he gave me made me want to buy it from him. I've had my setup for about a week now and absolutely love it. If ever I choose to upgrade or do any type of home theater setup, I'll definitely be speaking to him. Thank you, Gerald.

k.e.'s experience
i came in just to browse and...

...was instantly impressed with the store's overall layout. We were greeted immediately by friendly staff, and the service was some of the best I've seen at any store. Everyone was friendly and didn't try to pressure me into making a sale. They were more focused on showing me what they have and how it works. I was impressed. They treated me as if I were a friend. Normally, I don't write reviews like this, but I feel it's beyond necessary. As far as I'm concerned, for anything home/car entertainment-wise, this is the place. I will be returning very soon.


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